Staying safe whilst driving

Staying safe during car journeys is clearly of utmost importance.  As a family we spend many hours on UK motorways driving to attractions and visiting family/friends.  We live in Gloucestershire but our family are all based up North and so each journey can take us between 3-5 hours depending on traffic.  Our number one concern is keeping our boys safe whilst driving.

Staying safe whilst driving -

Our tips for staying safe whilst driving 

* Keep the kids happy. We always try to keep our boys as happy as possible in the back of the car, so that my husband or I can concentrate on the driving. See our road trip survival tips here

* Well equipped car. Our car is well equipped to keep the boys entertained and also deal with any emergencies such as car sickness.  See our car accessories guide here.

* Regular vehicle maintenance.  I must admit my husband is much better than I am at remembering to maintain our car.  We have an unspoken rule in our house that he maintains the car and house whilst I do the majority of the cooking, gardening and laundry (very stereotypical I know, sorry to any feminists reading this!)  He ensures that he checks the oil, water and air in tyres on regular intervals and always before we go on a long journey.  (To be honest, he normally does the car maintenance at the last minute….  Usually whilst I am sat very impatiently in the car wanting to get on the road after a manic few hours of packing and loading whilst entertaining two energetic young boys!)

* Regular check of tyres. Lack of tyre safety contributes to more than 1200 road accidents a year in the UK.  It is a well-known fact that adequate tread on tyres is essential to have a good grip on the road. We were caught out a few months ago when taking our car in for a regular service to find out that two of the tyres were nearly thread bare, therefore unsafe and illegal.  We immediately had them changed but since it has made us more conscious of checking the tyres on a more regular basis.  I shudder to think of what could have happened if we had needed to do an emergency stop… not to mention the potential 3 penalty points and £2,500 in fines!  All good car garages will check tyres free of charge if you are unsure on whether your tread is within the legal limits.

* Travel during less busy times and ideally in fine weather conditions.  We always attempt to avoid travelling during peak holidays times and ideally when severe weather conditions are not forecast.



Disclaimer – I hope you find these tips for staying safe on the road useful.  This article was written in association with Point S, the leading independent tyre dealer network to help raise awareness of car safety.  All opinions are as always my own.  



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