Essential car accessories for road trips with a baby

From our experience there are a few essential car accessories needed for road trips with a baby or young child.

Back seat mirror – There is nothing worse than being on a motorway with a crying baby and not being able to see him/her to see what is the matter.  I have a mirror that doubles up as a fun playmate to keep baby Harry entertained, it is similar to this Bright Starts see and play mirror


Sun shades – I keep the sun out of my little ones eyes with sun shades like these Clippasafe ones (winner of the Mother and baby 2015 awards)

Essential car accessories for a young child 

High backed booster chair – To fully protect your child a high backed booster seat is recommended.  Britax have just relaunched the ‘bin the booster’ campaign.  If you have a booster seat without a back for your child watch this video

Tablet PC Universal Car Head Rest / Mount / Holder / Cradle – I bought an IBRA Universal Car Head Rest/Cradle as it had over 500 good reviews on Amazon.  I have since enjoyed many a peaceful hour driving whilst Charlie has watched cartoons from the back of the car.  We are quite fortunate that Harry normally sleeps in the car and Charlie is happy for a couple of hours to play games with me and/or my hubby whilst we are driving – eye spy, spot the green car, list all the sea creatures/farm animals/zoo animals you know, etc but when when my hubby and I need a break we do not mind him indulging in some of his favourite cartoons 🙂

Back seat organiser – This Lindam backseat organiser is perfect for keeping child snacks/toys/treasures organised and within arms length. (It also doubles up as a pushchair organiser)

Car sickness aids – Charlie used to be a great car traveller.  He could read his favourite books and colour in for hours whilst sat in his car seat.  This all changed when he turned four…. the first time it happened we were driving along and he announced he felt sick, seconds later projectile vomit….. gross!  Luckily, as we were enroute to a visitor attraction and I had packed a change of clothes for him plus I had several packets of baby wipes (aka a mums best friend), a few bottles of water and lots of carrier bags to put all the dirty clothes in.  (So far he has not been car sick whilst I have been travelling on my own with the kids on the motorway…. that would be a nightmare!)  We managed to get him cleaned off and rinsed the car seat with the water we had to hand.  Since then we have stopped him from reading or colouring in the car as looking down certainly brings on the car sickness and we always have a sick bowl which he can grab if he needs it.  We also find that Anti nausea / motion sickness travel wrist bands seem to do the trick.

We have not yet had to resort to using any sort of medication as keeping him looking forward and wearing the bands seems to work but there is medication available for children –  Dramamine motion sickness relief or for a natural homeopathic option try Nelsons Travella.  If you would prefer not to travel with a sick bowl in your car you could try Cleanis absorbent sick bags. 

I-SPY books – If like me, you get easily tired of ‘something beginning with R or curly C’ whilst driving(!) this I-SPY on a road Michelin book trip is definitely for you!  To avoid Charlie experiencing car sickness, either my husband or I read out the book to Charlie from the passenger seat and it keeps him happily entertained!

For more tips and advice read how to survive road trips with a baby and/or young child and essential travel kit for a holiday with a young child

I would love to know your thoughts!  Do you have any essential car accessories for road trips with a baby or young child? 


4 thoughts on “Essential car accessories for road trips with a baby

  1. Kay

    Completely agree with the mirror – I’m constantly checking ours!
    Will take a look at the sunshades as our car windows are blacked out but the sun still gets in my little ones eyes 😣

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