Stocking filler ideas 2018 – Small travel gifts for kids!

Ten stocking filler ideas which double up as useful small travel gifts that can be used for holidays and days out throughout the year.

Travel gifts for kids of all ages 2018

Travel gifts for kids of all ages, toddlers to teens. A 2018 round up of travel gifts to help you find Christmas gifts for your little globetrotters! 

Boat holidays: Fun activities when boating with kids

Boat holidays are great fun for kids, particularly if you get them involved in boating and pack some of their fave toys/ books for downtime. This article shares some of the fun activities we recommend when boating with kids.

My favourite sources of family travel inspiration

I honestly cannot remember the last time I called into a travel agency to pick up holiday brochures to browse through for family travel inspiration.  For the last few years our family holidays have been predominately inspired by stunning snapshots captured by other families and shared on social media.

Family ski holiday: Expert tips for saving money

My brother has six years experience working in various ski resorts in France and Canada and now works for a specialist ski travel agency. I’ve asked him to share his recommendations for the best value ski resorts for families, the best time to going skiing (weighing up the snow conditions with price) and tips on saving money buying ski clothes and ski passes. 

Tips for road trips with kids: How to entertain them (…

Tips for road trips with kids featuring ideas for easy games and snacks to avoid car sickness, also ideas for best audio books for kids

7 do’s and don’ts for first time camping with …

7 important do’s and don’ts when camping with kids for the first time including what to pack, tips for packing light and easy campsite cooking ideas from mum of two energetic boys!

What to pack for a cruise (to look like an …

Unsure what to pack for a cruise? Packing for your first cruise can be rather daunting. Not only do you need to pack for smart/casual, formal and possibly themed evenings you also need to pack for your days onboard the ship and also prepare for different scenarios when exploring ports (sightseeing, water sports, etc).  This guide lists what to pack for a cruise if you want to look like an expert cruiser!