Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids

Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids is important, a bag which provides plenty of space to keep everyone’s belongings separate and accessible makes a huge difference for a carefree break away from home.

I personally find suitcases bulky and lacking in the separate compartments needed to organise and separate all of my family’s belongings.  I have also experienced light weight suitcases damaging too easily and hard cased suitcases taking up too much of my luggage weight allowance.  They are also being difficult to store, unlike my trusty travel bag which I can squash down under a bed!

Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids

My old travel bag with wheels by Animal has certainly seen better days.  It has accompanied my family and I on many trips and holidays and looks rather tired with a couple of rips in places from being caught on airport luggage conveyor belts.  When Trespass contacted me and asked if I would like to select a product for testing from their online range, a new travel bag immediately sprang to mind.

I selected the Holibag 85 litre printed trolley bag slightly smaller than my old travel bag but still of a decent size and in black to hide all the stains it is bound to attract.

I have to say, I never quite realised how much of a creature of habit I am until I went to pack our new bag!  I have been so used to our old bag with one large compartment on one side and two smaller compartments, one for each of my boys on the other.

The Holibag also opens up in to two halves – one has a single large compartment with a net which is great for being able to see everything and find items easily.  The other side has one large compartment and a smaller one which is great for packing toiletries, etc in.  There is also a small zip pocket on the outside which is handy for keeping any paperwork in at the airport such as boarding passes and passports.

Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids

I tested my new Holibag during a recent trip to visit friends in the Wirral.  Believe me my boys and I did not feel like a ‘travel loving family’ when we arrived after a four-hour drive due to road works and weekend traffic:(  (I could not even share the driving as my husband was working and so I was travelling alone with Harry and Charlie).  After a long drive the last thing I wanted to do was start unpacking our bag to find pyjamas and toiletries.  As I had packed making full use of the compartments in the Holibag I easily found everything we needed without unpacking the entire bag.  This meant I was able to quickly get my boys in bed and settled to enjoy an evening catching up with my friend whilst sharing a much deserved bottle of wine:)

Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids
Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids
Selecting the right bag when travelling with kids

Although our travel bag has only been used once so far I feel it will be accompanying us on many future trips and holidays!  The RRP for the Holibag is £84.99 (currently on sale for £47.99) which I feel is a great price for a good quality and in my opinion rather trendy travel bag!

Amendment (25/05/16) – After the second time using our new bag I noticed there was a rip on one of the inside pockets.  I contacted Trespass and they emailed a delivery slip so that I could send it back to the factory without incurring any postage costs.  Within a week I received a new bag.  I was impressed with the customer service I received and suspect it was a one-off faulty item and not a design flaw. 

Disclaimer – I was provided with a Holibag travel bag for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are as always my own. 

Copyright – Images of Holibag taken from Trespass website. Feature image copyright Flickr



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