Stocking filler ideas 2018 – Small travel gifts for kids!

This list of ten stocking filler ideas is as much for my benefit as yours!  Last year I completely forgot to buy stocking fillers for my boys and ended up rushing to the shops on Christmas eve to buy lots of sweets and chocolate.  Ideally I want to fill their stockings this year with small travel gifts that will be handy for our holidays and days out throughout the year.

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Stocking filler ideas - Small travel gifts for kids!

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Stocking filler ideas 2018 – Small travel gifts for kids

Family card games

These are a lifesaver for long train trips and flights with kids. My boys love playing card games like Uno and this year our Dobble cards have provided hours of entertainment whilst on various holidays.  (This game is great for preschoolers who can’t yet read too as Dobble only uses images).  Dobble –  Uno –

Stocking fillers for kids

Magic books and sticker books

Although my boys have grown out of these now, magic water books and sticker books were always firm favourites when they were toddlers.   Magic water books –  Sticker books –

Stocking filler ideas for kids

Novelty swim wear

This can be worn year round for swimming lessons and also whilst we are on holiday.  My boys wouldn’t be very impressed if I bought them regular swim wear as a gift however, my youngest would be really happy to receive something like this Paw Patrol swim outfit. The superhero range by DC Comics is sure to be a hit with boys and girls…

Paw Patrol –        Super hero girls costume –


Stocking fillers for kids - swimwear

Novelty socks!

Yep you read that right.  I’m suggesting that you buy kids’ socks online to be used as a cute stocking filler.  These aren’t just a regular pair of socks though…  They are adorable socks from which I’m sure little girls would be be thrilled to open on Christmas day!

Stocking filler ideas socks- small travel gifts for kids

Flashlights and head torches

My boys love playing with torches even when at home but particularly when we’re camping at family festivals.  These are a great idea for a little stocking filler for kids… Headlight torch –

Passport holders

Essential?  Nope!  Fun? Most definitely!  Novelty passport holders and luggage tags are a cute idea for any kids stocking. Unicorn passport holder –

Novelty drinks bottles 

We seem to get through a lot of drinks bottles!  I’m not sure where they disappear to but I know there is always a mad last minute rush in the morning to find a missing bottle or lid.  These beat sweets as a stocking filler hands down… Camelbak kids drinks bottles –

stocking fillers for kids - drinks bottles



My eldest loves to play on his games console when we are travelling.  These Snug Play kids headphones are a handy and good value travel gift for kids (£12). They are volume limiting and have an audio sharing port.  Also available in lots of colours –

Kids stocking filler ideas headphones

Travel games

Our favourite family board game is Guess Who so this small travel version will be making its way into my boys stocking from Santa this year.   It’s worth buying magnetic travel board games for when you are on the go to avoid crawling around on the train/plane floor for missing pieces!  Travel version of Guess Who –  Magnetic board games –

Stocking fillers for kids travel games

Loom bands / Friendship bands

At just £5 for a box of loom bands and kit they make an ideal an ideal stocking filler.  (Making loom bands and friendship bands have kept my boys entertained for hours on many a long train journey!)  Loom band kit – 

Stocking filler ideas - loom bands


I hope you have found these ten stocking filler ideas for kids handy.  If you spot any other small travel gifts for kids I can buy for my boys please do let me know in the comments below! 

Pin for later – Stocking filler ideas 2018

Stocking filler ideas - Small travel gifts for kids! Including swimwear, travel card games, magic water books, headphones and water bottles. #stockingfillers #christmasgiftideas


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