Five years, two kids, countless walks & holidays – one Britax pushchair!

I know five years, two kids and one pushchair!  Pretty impressive eh?!  Especially when you consider it’s been used nearly every day for five years.  I think it’s therefore understandable that I was little emotional when we took our new Britax pushchair out for the first time last weekend…

We took an autumn stroll today 🍂🍁with my sister and her gorgeous family. It was our first time trying out our new Britax pushchair. We have used our Britax B-Ready everyday for five years. FIVE years!! My eldest son was kicked out of it at nearly 3 to make way for his baby brother. It has been on countless walks, flights and survived being thrown into baggage conveyor belts at airlines around the world! I'm delighted to be reviewing a new lighter version – the Britax B-Motion. I'm loving it so far although really quite sad to be saying goodbye to our old pushchair and all of the amazing memories we have shared together! Is this really sad? Has anyone else felt the same way? (I can't bring myself to throw it away, so it's off to Nanna's house to be used as a back up!) #familytravelmoment #pushchair #autumn #autumnleaves

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I would love to know how many miles I have walked pushing my boys over the last five years!  It spent the first year being pushed around our old hometown Savannah in the USA and travelled with us back and forth across the Atlantic for frequent visits to family in the UK.  It also accompanied us on our first family holiday to Mexico.


It has since been part of many of our family travels including a family holiday to Venice, Copenhagen & Greece.

Review Britax B-Motion 3

Over the last five years I have seen friends go through several pushchairs trying to find one that they liked.  I remember spending hours reading pushchair reviews when I was pregnant with my first wanting to make sure that I made the right decision.  After narrowing down choices we visited several shops so that my husband and I could both try some out.

We both loved the Britax B-Ready immediately.  It had adjustable handle bars which was great for my husbands height.  It was sturdy, easy to collapse and had a HUGE basket underneath.

I always feel rather sorry for parents who are laden down with bags because they cannot fit them in their basket.  Especially when you see their pushchair topple over due to the weight of the bags hanging from the handle bars.  I loved my Britax B-Ready because I could go food shopping for a few days worth of supplies and still not have to carry any bags!

My post of Instagram last weekend made me realise that other parents have a sentimental attachment to their pushchair.  Many mum’s commented that they were unable to throw their child’s old pushchair away because they meant so much to them!  Bec over at Wyld Family Travel admitted that she still has a pram stored in her shed even though her girls are now 8 and 11!  Sarah from Mum of Three World had a similar confession, admitting that she is unable to throw her pushchair away even though her 10 and 13 year olds outgrew them years ago.

When Britax offered to send us a B-Motion 3 to review I was understandably delighted.  Our old one still works fine but five years wear and tear, including ingrained suncream & milk spills are beginning to show!

Review Britax B Motion 3

Can you spot our new B-Motion 3 pushchair?  The layers of suncream embedded into the old pushchair fabric kind of gives the game away!

Review Britax B-Motion 3 

The B-Motion 3 is more compact than our old Britax B-Ready and yet still has all the features I love including a good-sized basket, a reclining seat for nap times and a large sunshade.  Unlike the B-Ready it has three air-filled wheels and rear suspension which provide a smooth ride.

Although we have only been using the pushchair for a week I already love that it is easy to fold one-handed, (unlike the B-Ready which required both hands).  The height adjustable handle is also a great feature which allows my husband and I to continue to take it in turns to push.

Britax B-Motion 3 RRP £250.  Available in different colours – Steel grey/black and black/silver.  Ideal for newborns through to 17kg/4 years.

Disclaimer – I was sent a Britax B-Motion 3 pushchair in return for this honest review.  

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23 thoughts on “Five years, two kids, countless walks & holidays – one Britax pushchair!

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  2. Chloe Ciliberto

    Wow what an amazing branded pushchair to last 5 years. I’m so attached to my pushchair and although Evie doesn’t need it anymore, I’m struggling to sell it. I love that this one has a huge basket though. I’m definitely going for this one next time I’m pregnant. I was always struggling with shopping.

  3. Nicola Cassidy

    Very smart looking buggy – it looks great. Some great memories to look back on – you’re right- we’ve pushed our buggies through lots of family history. Love the red – we have a navy one and seeing this makes me want this one now instead!

  4. Tooting Mama

    A good size shopping basket is so essential – why to manufacturers compromise on this. It’s a great price too! I wish I had this when I was pushing my little one about, my pushchair was so fiddly!

  5. Cliona

    It sounds like a great pushchair and it totally makes sense to do some research before buying one. The huge basket underneath would be a big draw for me, so handy to be able to pile stuff underneath and not have to carry it!

  6. Helena - Babyfoote

    I think one of the reasons it’s hard to throw them away (or pass them on) is they’re so expensive, and you want a bit of return for your money. You’ve certainly had that with 5 years run! Long live the replacement 🙂

    1. Lisa Post author

      I certainly have Helena. Friends of mine have spent close to a £1,000 on a pushchair. I would never be able to leave it outside coffee shops, etc if I had spent that sort of money! I think this new pushchair is going to long outlive how long my toddler is going to want to be in a pushchair;)

  7. Emma

    We recently sold the first pushchair we owned (we had to get a tandem double when the youngest arrived) and it made me a bit emotional. As you said, so many memories.

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