Review and giveaway – Design your own Trunki

My son Charlie has taken his Trunki on every trip with him since he received it for his second birthday.  He owns a Terrance, the original blue ride on suitcase.  His Terrance is very well-travelled and has been lovingly pulled and rode around several airports as well as accompanied our family on many holidays and weekend breaks around the UK.


As you can therefore imagine, I was pleased to be contacted by Trunki and asked to review and giveaway one of the company’s new products, a Design Your Own Trunki.

Charlie is very creative and was excited at the idea of designing a Trunki.  I mentioned that he could give Terrance to his little brother Harry and design the new one for himself but he quickly informed me that he wanted to design the new one for Harry.

During baby nap time Charlie and I settled ourselves in front of the computer ready to get creative at the Trunki Imagination Station!  To start off we watched the short video which shows someone designing a Trunki before seeing it being made in the factory and hand finished by a ‘Trunki Elf’!

We then got to the fun part… selecting colours for the nine different body parts.  Trunki proudly advertises a billion colour combinations to choose from.  I explained to Charlie that it was unlikely that anyone would design the exact same Trunki as him which he exclaimed was very cool!


Review and giveaway - Design your own Trunki

Using the Trunki paint pallete Charlie first selected a body colour from the 13 available (10 regular colours and 3 premium colours with zebra like stripes).  Charlie knew immediately that he wanted the orange stripy body because as he justified, “Harry likes tigers!”  Charlie then thoughtfully selected colours for the nose, stripe, horns, handle, hub caps, wheels and two straps.  It only took him 10-15 minutes from start to finish but he took it very seriously and did not appreciate me trying to get involved and spoiling his fun. (I failed miserably at attempting to get Charlie to colour coordinate the parts with the orange and black stripy body!)

After checking he was completely happy with his colour choices we quickly confirmed our order and a week later Charlie excitedly opened the box to reveal his new unique (and rather un-colour coordinated!) ride on suitcase and Trunki Birth Certificate signed and dated by the Trunki maker.  As I had fully expected, the minute the box was ripped open Charlie immediately asked if Harry could have his old Trunki so that he could keep the new one…. He had quickly forgotten that his little brother loves tigers!


Images – Charlie designing his own unique Trunki and the finished result!

Review Summary – Design Your Own Trunki

My husband and I have been big fans of Trunki’s for a few years.  A product which encourages kids to be more independent, keeps them happy and amused whilst waiting in lines at airports and keeps all toys and treasures safe and tidy is pretty much guaranteed to get our vote!

Trunki’s are high quality products which last for years and can be used for storing toys in when not being used for travelling (they have come a long way since been pulled to pieces in Dragon’s Den!)

When we were first asked to review a ‘Design your own Trunki’ I must admit I was a little dubious.  I thought it seemed a bit of a gimmicky concept but having seen how excited my five-year old was when designing his own unique ride on suitcase I have to conclude that they are a great idea for young kids.  Charlie is very excited to use his new Trunki for our next holiday… being completely honest every time I see Charlie playing with his new Trunki my OCD kicks in and I wish I could have convinced him to select colours that coordinated with the orange and black stripes!

Need to know – Design Your Own Trunki’s cost £44.99 premium colours (including the orange stripy body Charlie selected) are an additional £5.00.


** The Trunki giveaway ended on the 23rd March **

Thank you to the 636 people who entered our Trunki giveaway and congratulations to Jus Ford our lucky winner!

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  1. Lindsey

    I would love to design one of these for my 2 year old! We will be going on her first holiday in August 🙂 please enter me 🙂

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