Family travel inspiration: Sifnos, a Greek island with beautiful beaches

We adore Greece, the white washed buildings, bright blue skies and turquoise sea. Having travelled there many times before children we were keen to travel there as a family and enjoyed a wonderful family holiday in Kos last May.  We found the locals incredibly friendly with our boys and therefore I was not surprised to read that the Lonely Planet also recommends Greece as a family friendly destination –

Greece is one of the best countries in the world for travel with children. Rather than just catering to kids with entertainment parks and special menus, the Greeks will welcome them with true warmth and a natural sense of inclusion in all activities.”

If you are struggling to make the all important decision, where to spend your eagerly anticipated family summer holiday, or you want to know about lovely places to stay in Greece, then this article may just help you decide!  We have teamed up with Verina Hotels Sifnos, a complex of Greek boutique hotels and villas in the western Cyclades Greece, to share with you why we feel the island of Sifnos is perfect for beach loving families.

Family travel inspiration: Sifnos

The best beaches for families
Platys Gialos – This beach is the largest and most cosmopolitan on the island. You can relax under the shade of a tree and bathe in the crystal-clear waters, sounds idyllic doesn’t it?!  This popular beach also offers many family friendly facilities including water sports, beach bars and taverns.

Family travel inspiration Sifnos

Vathi – This beach is popular because of its charm and views.  High cliffs surround the shore and create a unique landscape. Vathi also has many bars and restaurants, so you can enjoy a traditional Greek dish whilst overlooking the sea.

Chrissopigi – Famous because of its monastery and built on an islet that joins the rest of Sifnos through a bridge. The views are idyllic: the Greek architecture of the Monastery, the trees, the soft sand and the blue water. This beach is perfect for swimming, and even diving.

Family travel inspiration Sifnos

Faros –  This small sandy beach is perfect for families because of the soft sand and the calm and shallow sea where kids can play safely. And if you want to try something different, you can travel to Faros by boat or yacht, great fun for little wannabe pirates!

Family travel inspiration Sifnos

Heronissos – Discover the small fishing village of Heronissos and its unspoiled and wild landscape. You can dive under the crystal-clear water and enjoy the Greek marine fauna and flora. Take a walk and enjoy the traditional Greek taverns, the market and the small pottery shop where you can buy handmade ceramics. If you want to avoid the crowds and other tourists this is the beach for you!

Have you visited Sifnos? We would love to know if your favourite beach is included in our recommended list above!

This article has been written in collaboration with Verina Hotels Sifnos, all opinions are, as always, our own. 

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The Greek Island of Sifnos, located in the western Cyclades offers beautiful beaches and spacious accommodation, perfect for families. This guide lists the best beaches and highlights some of the accommodation options on offer.


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  1. James

    Thanks for letting me know about Sifnos. It is a beautiful island as seen in the pictures. Travelling here through yacht is also a great experience. Keep sharing!

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