48 hours in Marrakesh with kids

The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is a vibrant, bustling city, full of culture, colour and community spirit. A thriving hub for visitors, the countries fourth largest city has some spectacular architecture, and the flavours of the local food are as rich as the history of the area.  I loved my visit to Marrakesh although haven’t visited with my boys yet. The Red City, as it is affectionately known, is definitely on our travel wish list though as it offers lots of fun experiences for all ages. This is how I would spend a weekend in Marrakesh with kids.  I hope it helps you plan your visit.

Marrakesh with kids - family attractions

48 hours in Marrakesh with kids…

Day one am – Marrakesh souks

With just 48 hours in the eclectic, exuberant city of Marrakesh, it is essential to experience the country as a local. Although just four hours time difference than the UK, Marrakesh is worlds away regarding customs and culture, and a wander around the souks will show you and your family just that!

Marrakesh with kids - visit the souks

The excitement of the crowds may be a lot for you all to adjust to initially, but, after keeping your little ones close by, you can begin to experience authentic day-to-day life for those who work on the stalls. The square of Jemma el-Fnaa is perfect to explore during the day with children. Enjoy the mesmerising snake charmers and the captivating street performers while tackling the busy streets.

Absorbing the chaos and embracing the busy market, you’ll soon experience a sensory overload from the different scents, sights and sounds – fortunately, food is always close by!  When taking a stroll through the souks, it is important to remember that the workers are upselling their produce, so be ready to barter for your meal.  (Or let your kids have a go at doing it for you, a great life skill!) 

Marrakesh with kids - visit the souks

Day one pm – Camel ride through the desert

No trip to Marrakesh would be complete without a camel ride through the desert. Surrounded by desert, you can cherish the wonderful experience of travelling across the desert on a camel’s back, with several popular nearby locations to choose from.

What to do in Marrakesh with kids - camel ride

After spending the afternoon making new hump back friends, it is time to relax and grab a bite to eat. With a range of colourful concoctions to feast your eyes on, you may be wondering how to feed the bellies of the kids, especially for those picky eaters!  However, Morocco cuisine is very child-friendly, and safe options always lay hidden in the menu.

For the evening, the souks that you visited earlier in the day completely transform. Younger kids may find this experience a little daunting but teens will love the loud volume of the vendors!

Day two am – Jardin Majorelle

Although you may still be tired from the festivities of your first day in the Moroccan city, you’ll all be up-and-ready to make the most of day two!  One of the most popular sites in Morocco, Jardin Majorelle, is the perfect place to kick-start your second day.  The 12-acre botanical garden has an overwhelming sense of calm and tranquillity which is sure to put your whole family in a good mood when walking around. The cobalt blue walls Jardin Majorelle’s workshop sit nestled among his botanical garden, which he cultivated and enriched with various plant varieties from across five continents for almost forty years.

After wandering around the gardens for a while, there is also the Berber Museum to take a look at, hosting a range of ornaments, jewellery and costumes, celebrating the Moroccan identity. After taking in the sights, and with rumbling stomachs, take a pit stop at Café Majorelle for a bite to eat before heading back out in the afternoon.

Day two pm – Ben Youssef Madrasa

With the end of your 48 hours in The Red City creeping gradually closer, finish off your trip with a look around the Ben Youssef Madrasa. The former Islamic college is named after the Almoravid sultan Ali ibn Yusuf whose massive influence on Marrakech allowed for the expansion of the city.

You can enjoy the breathtaking architecture, whilst your kids will love exploring the college grounds, looking at the intricate geometric patterns surrounding the doorways and the inscriptions written on the walls of the prayer room.

Of course, these are just a few of the activities that you would enjoy when taking a trip to Marrakesh with kids. In a country that is full of culture and history, there are lots of attractions and sights to keep families entertained, even beyond 48 hours!

Family accommodation in Marrakesh

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Have you visit Marrakesh with kids?  Please do add your must see family attractions in the comments below. 

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48 hours in Marrakesh with kids

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8 thoughts on “48 hours in Marrakesh with kids

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  3. My Travel Monkey

    I went to Marrakesh pre-kids and I must admit, it overwhelmed me slightly – the souks are madness and soooo crowded. But I think that a nice villa to relax in sounds just the ticket. I know Monkey’s eyes would be on stalks there! We loved the Atlas Mountains too but you would probably need longer.

  4. Emma Raphael

    This all sounds wonderful. A friend of mine once caught the train with her kids from their home in Copenhagen all the way to Marakkesh, then they spent 6 weeks there and it all looked so much fun! It’s definitely somewhere on my bucket list! 🙂
    Emma Raphael recently posted…An Innsbruck IntermissionMy Profile

  5. Karen

    It’s been nearly a decade since I visited Marrakesh. This write-up has made me think I would love to bring the kids .. sounds like you had a fab time.

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