Mummy’s weekend off

It seems strange that one of my first articles for my new blog about travelling, and adventures with my boys, is instead about a weekend away at my dearest friends house.   Sometimes us mummy’s just need a weekend off!  A girly weekend was definitely what I needed when I left the boys to have some bonding time with Daddy, whilst I had a couple of days of girly fun in the Wirral.

My hubby drove me to the train station and we walked the boys down to the platform to wave me off.  I was most worried about leaving baby as he has only recently started to take a bottle and as a breast-fed infant takes comfort in being nursed to sleep at night however, I had failed to realise how much our eldest son Charlie was going to miss me.  He kept on saying that he was going to really miss me and he did not want me to go and I just kept reassuring him that he needed to look after Daddy and his baby brother for me until I returned in a couple of days.  When my train departed Charlie absolutely sobbed his little heart out, much to the amusement of my fellow travellers. I feel awful but I think the last view he saw was me laughing along at the lady sat next to me.  Poor Charlie!

Reading magazines which had piled up under our coffee table for so long they had dust on them.  All whilst indulging in a rather large bar of Cadbury’s was a much enjoyed treat!  Having two minutes to myself nowadays with a preschooler and a toddler, who has recently started crawling, is a rare occurrence.  The 2.5 hour journey was over too quickly!

On the Saturday it suddenly hit me how different my life is now with children…. We had a leisurely morning and enjoyed breakfast in the garden (a very different affair to my normal breakfast activity of picking up squashed blueberries from the floor and chiseling cement like Weetabix off the high chair tray!)  We then went for a ride on my friends horse, a quick stop in at her nephews 4th birthday party (yes my friend did find this highly amusing that I leave my own children and end up surrounded by other peoples!) and a relaxing lunch again enjoying the beautiful weather in the garden. 

We then went swimming and chilled out in the sauna, hydro pool and jacuzzi.  It was at the point that I checked the time and thought the clock had stopped working…  It was only 2pm!  2pm and we had managed to fit so much into our day already.  It dawned on me how much life slows down with children!  I remember it being the hardest thing for me to get used to when Charlie our first son was born.  We have always been an active couple and like to make the most of free time. Everything changed when our first baby came along and I suppose I had not realised how much more time it takes with two children to feed, tidy up after and get dressed.


Back at home my husband was coping admirably.  This was the first time I had left him for more than a few hours with baby.  In the past, when I have been away and left him with Charlie, he has always invited his parents to come and stay to have some moral support.  I received one sarcastic text on the Friday night… “Baby is screaming, I am having a great night”.  After I pointed out that he was just trying to make me feel guilty when I was too far away to help he did call and apologise!  Baby had after 30 minutes of screaming, fallen into a deep slumber and all was well again!

I received a lovely welcome back on the Sunday afternoon at the train station.  Baby Harry was fast asleep in his push chair and Charlie was up on his Daddy’s shoulders holding up a sign that said ‘Welcome Home Mummy!’  The boys had visited Cotswolds Farm Park on the Saturday (see my tips for visiting here) and made cakes and crafts on the Sunday.  The kitchen floor was gross HOWEVER who I’m I to complain or judge?!  As a SAHM I know how difficult it is to fit everything in.  The most important thing was that the boys had enjoyed their weekend with Daddy and I felt recuperated after a girly weekend away!

Prior to my arrival, my hubby completely surprised me by pointing out that my train time was rather inconvenient for the kids dinner time….   He was worried that our boys would have a meltdown if we fed them after we got home from picking me up.  Or wake up in the middle of the night hungry if he fed them before picking me up… I think this is the first time my hubby has ever been the first to consider the boys meal times!  The weekend being in charge has definitely made him think a little differently.   So my relaxing few days away ended with a lovely meal at Zizzi’s on the way back from the train station – perfecto!

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  1. Catherine Slater

    I agree, all us mummy’s need time away from our kiddies occasionally! I always appreciate my children so much more when I have a weekend away with my friends 🙂

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