The adventures we would have if we won the lottery!

*Collaborative post.  One of mine and my hubby’s fave discussions, (in close second to talking about our boys!) is what we would do if we won the lottery.  We have spent hours over the years discussing elaborate plans for paying off our mortgage, spoiling family and friends with lavish presents, the charities we would support and where we would jet off around the world.

I’ll be honest, the discussions can often get heated. You would think the money was real!  We disagree about where we would base ourselves if there was no need to be close to work. I’m all for selling up and jetting off into the sunset, hubby likes the idea of having a home to return to, but a couple of things we do agree on…

The first is a return visit to the breathtakingly beautiful Jumby Bay, a 300-acre private island a couple of miles off the coast of Antigua.  We had the pleasure of staying there a few years ago. (For only three nights unfortunately but we would stay for much longer with the whole family if our lottery numbers came up!)

Jumby Bay - Lottery win

Image copyright Jumby Bay.

We loved the tranquil white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue sea and exploring the private coves by golf cart and bike.  The private island has a no car policy and can only be reached by boat making it one of the most undisturbed places on earth…  and the perfect place for planning other ways to spend a big lottery win! (You can read our review of Jumby Bay in our destination guide to Antigua). 

The view from our pool suite at Jumby Bay

The second big lottery splurge we agree on is buying a Sunseeker yacht and sailing around the world.  We love the idea of homeschooling our boys, teaching them about the world by actually showing them the world.  We were at the London Boat Show last weekend and so we’ve already picked out the yacht we want.  All we need to do now is win a couple of million to pay for it!

Living the dream! Sailing in the Caribbean during a work trip to the British Virgin Islands.

won the lottery

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you like to sail off into the sunset with your family, buy a fancy house?  I’m so nosy and would love to know!  Please do pop your lottery dream plans into the comments below.

*This post is in collaboration with Lottoland.  Image of Jumby Bay, copyright Jumby Bay. 

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won the lottery


2 thoughts on “The adventures we would have if we won the lottery!

  1. Emma

    Great wish list! Mine would be no fighting between the children.The sound of happy and animated laughter would be akin to around the world cruise with free booze….bloody bliss!

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