Reviewed: Gatwick Airport Meet & Greet Parking

Usually when we go on holiday abroad we search around for the best value car park located close to the airport and take an airport shuttle to the terminal. With two young children, suitcases, hand luggage and a push chair taking a shuttle bus, even for a short distance, is rather inconvenient. We were therefore happy to oblige when Help-Me-Park invited us to review the meet & greet parking service at Gatwick Airport.

Review Gatwick Airport Meet & Greet Parking

Help-Me-Park claim to ‘remove the stress and worry from parking your car at Gatwick and Heathrow Airports’ .  So did they live up to their promise?

The night before we flew to Greece we stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express in Crawley, located just 4 miles from Gatwick Airport.  Although a public shuttle bus stopped outside our hotel every 20 minutes it was great not to have to worry about bus times.  Instead we just jumped in our car straight after breakfast for the short journey to the south terminal.

Handing our car over to Help-Me-Park

Our booking confirmation email had provided a link to a video which showed exactly how to drive to the secure meet and greet south terminal drop off area.  We therefore had no problems finding the drop off area and parked up.  We didn’t have to wait long before a car pulled up and a Help-Me-Park member of staff came over to greet us.

To be honest I left my husband to watch over the vehicle damage check and complete the car paperwork whilst I looked after our boys who were giddy with excitement about going on a plane!

To provide you with some background, our family car is my husband’s pride and joy.  We have only had it a few months and he is rather precious about it.  (We are still at the stage where my boys and I are hiding evidence of us eating in the car and so handing over the keys to a complete stranger was a big deal to him!)  

Ten minutes after arriving at the drop off area Richard had signed the car over to the Help-Me-Park representative and we were on our way to check in for our flight.  Richard commented whilst we were walking away that he was impressed with the thorough check of our vehicle and the amount of photos that were taken. A photo had also been taken of our mileage and fuel level so it could be used as photographic evidence should it be needed upon our return.

Picking our car up from Help-Me-Park

After a too short but fabulous week in Greece we were back at Gatwick Airport and making our way to the meet and greet parking zone.  My husband tells me that I never respond to text messages and for once, (just this once mind you!) he was right.  If I had read the text message sent to me by Help-me-Park as I was collecting our luggage I would have known that I was supposed to call ahead to signal for our car to be sent.  As it was we arrived at the pick up point and then called.  It wasn’t a big deal, it just meant we had to wait ten minutes (and Richard had the opportunity to gloat because he was right!)

So would we recommend Help-Me-Park?

We were impressed with the service, it was as promised on their website, reliable and convenient.  The company has been approved by Gatwick Airport and trading standards as a meet and greet operator.  Their website proudly states that all of their drivers are fully trained and insured and every car in their care is parked in police approved car parks with 24/7 hour security monitoring and CCTV.   We were most impressed that they offer a money back guarantee against being kept waiting at Gatwick Airport.

The cost of a weeks secure meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport depends on the time of year.  As an example 4th – 11th July currently costs £122 inc. VAT.

If you would like to try Help-Me-Park’s meet and greet parking for yourself we have a 10% discount to share with you. Just enter TLF10 at checkout. There are no travel restrictions and the code can be used for any future bookings.

Disclaimer – We were provided with one weeks free parking in return for this honest review.  


5 thoughts on “Reviewed: Gatwick Airport Meet & Greet Parking

  1. Colette

    Thanks for sharing your review with us on #TriedTested this week.
    I’ve never used a service like this before but I can really see the appeal.

  2. Gina Caro @ Gypsy Soul

    When I went to Budapest in January I used a meet and greet style parking system and it was brilliant. Took all of the hassle out of finding a space and paying for the parking when I got there.
    I’d definitely do it again. #TriedTested

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