Staying comfortable this summer with Strive Footwear

From experience I know that choice of footwear can make or break a holiday.  This statement may seem a little extreme but a few years ago I was on holiday with my family in Orlando, we had spent the day sightseeing and my sisters new sandals had rubbed her feet terribly.  The next day her blisters had become infected, her feet had swelled up so bad that she was unable to get any shoes to fit her feet.  She spent a couple of days being pushed around Universal Studios in a wheelchair.  It’s an amusing story to tell now years later but at the time she was very upset.  It was certainly not how she had imagined she would spend her time in Orlando.

Staying comfortable this summer with Strive Footwear

You would think I would have learnt from her experience.  Unfortunately, I haven’t – how does that saying go… ‘no beauty without pain?!’   I am a sucker for buying pretty, beaded sandals every summer which offer absolutely no support, rub my feet and make my legs ache!  I was therefore delighted when I was contacted by the lovely people at Strive Footwear and asked to put a couple of pairs of sandals to the test.  The phone call came just as I was packing for our family holiday to Greece too which was great timing!

I had not heard of Strive Footwear before however, after taking a quick look on their website I was happy to oblige.  Not only did the Strive sandals look good, they also looked really comfortable.  The website explains that each pair of Strive shoes are expertly designed, incorporating knowledge gained by the foot health care industry since 1980.  These images can explain the footwear technology better than I can!


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I selected two pair of sandals from the Strive website and arranged for delivery to my local Shoon store.  The black pair are known as Tee Toe-Post.  The cream pair (referred to as marshmallow on the website) are known as Maui Slim.  Both RRP at £69.

Staying comfortable this summer with Strive Footwear


Review Strive Sandals

The first time I wore the sandals I found the arch a little uncomfortable.  I have been so used to wearing completely flat sandals, which provide my feet with no support.  It felt strange to have an arch under my foot.  After wearing them a couple of times I got used to the sensation and I can honestly say I have barely taken these sandals off my feet for the last month!  They are so comfortable.  They are like wearing a pair of slippers.

I wore my sandals whilst reviewing Wychwood Festival and last weekend on a press trip in Barmouth.  I have walked miles in them and not once have either pair of sandals rubbed or felt uncomfortable.  FYI – Strive sandals come in 16 different styles.  Some with heel straps and all in a variety of colours. I just so happened to select two of a similar style. 

I also love how the sandals go with anything.  I have worn them with jeans, shirts and maxi dresses. As both pairs have been embellished with golden studs they can be dressed up or down and worn day or night.

I’ll be honest, I have never paid more than £25 for a pair of sandals.  At £69 a pair I think they are expensive.  Having said that, they are a well designed and high quality sandal, unlike the ones I normally buy and you certainly get what you pay for.  The fact that I have barely taken them off my feet since I received them speaks volumes.

I imagine I will be wearing these sandals for the next few summers and so I think they are a good investment.  I would particularly recommend Strive sandals to anyone who suffers from foot, knee, back or shin pain.

Need to know – Strive Footwear do not have their own stores as yet however they have ranges on display in various shoe shops across the UK.  The website has a store locator which allows you to easily find a stockist near your home town. 

Disclaimer – I received two pairs of sandals in return for this honest review. 


5 thoughts on “Staying comfortable this summer with Strive Footwear

  1. Linda Palmer

    I thought I would splurge last summer and treat myself to a nice looking pair of thongs, and chose the plain black Maui Strive from the Walk in Comfort store located in the very mall I work in. However upon wearing them just a few blocks while dog walking a few times they started sliding off my feet (are they actually stretching) forcing me to curl my toes to keep them on; plus the inside soles (perhaps due to friction) began attracting tiny bits of gravel and plant seeds/pieces to them like magnets and of course it was like walking on pins & needles. Attempted to return them but was told since I had worn them outdoors this was not do able. I am now back to my good old rubber thongs that work and out 50 dollars. Wish it wasn’t this way but thought I would share my experience with Strive footwear.

    1. Tasneem

      Thankyou for your review Linda. I just got two pairs of the Strive Maui delivered today. I wore one pair indoors and while they contour well on the foot, I am finding them very hard – there is no cushioning. I like the look of them and when I stand with them on I am comfortable, but when I walk they feel hard and noisy. Just not sure if I would use them. True I too find my rubber thongs more comfortable.

  2. Ruthie Lindstrom

    I bought a pair of gold flip flop style strive sandals. I love them!!! I have very flat size 11 wide feet. These are truly worth every single cent!! I took them on a recent two week cruise to alaska with my husband, we walked miles every day and I can honestly say my feet did not hurt at all. I want to get more Strive sandals but am having trouble finding them. Please help!!

  3. Mia

    Your review about sandals is really informative, that’s true a comfy footwear is great for holiday uses. Thanks for sharing

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